totalrecall_poster.jpgIn episode 27, Sonia and Grant discuss Total Recall, Len Wiseman's unexpected remake of Paul Verhoeven's 1990 science fiction adventure. Does it measure up? Is it better or worse? Are remakes automatically a bad idea? Is Colin Farrell the thinking person's Arnold Schwarzenegger?

We also briefly discuss House of Wax, the 2005 remake of the Vincent Price horror classic - which we have not seen, so we'll just have to take the remake on its own merits. It has Paris Hilton in it, and that young woman from 24 who spent a whole episode being menaced by cougars.

As always, there are spoilers in one form or another.

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In episode 26, Sonia and Grant discuss The Dark Knight Rises and Thrashin', and we're reasonably certain this is the first time these two movies have ever been on a double bill. The Dark Knight starts straight away, and there are extensive spoilers. We said EXTENSIVE SPOILERS. The Thrashin' review starts at 23:50.

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In episode 25 of the Bad Film Diaries, we take a look at Ridley Scott's new science fiction film Prometheus - which has been generating a lot of discussion around the film fan Internet. We also check out 1992's Newsies, a Disney musical based on a true story starring Christian Bale and Robert Duvall. This double feature made sense to us at some point. We think. Actually we're not entirely sure.

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the-girl-with-the-dragon-tattoo-poster.jpgEpisode 24 sees Sonia and Grant discussing two films from either end of 2011 - bookends, if you like, only they're not holding up books and they're films.

First up is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, director David Fincher's English language adaptation of Stieg Larrson's internationally bestselling novel. It stars Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Stellan Skarsgard and Christopher Plummer.

After that, we jump right back to the very beginning of 2011, when Sony released Michel Gondry's unexpected pulp superhero movie The Green Hornet, based on the radio and TV vigilante of the same name.

Sadly we still haven't managed to record our three-film Jurassic Park retrospective. One day. Some day. Soon.


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In this 23rd irregular episode of the Bad Film Diaries, Sonia and Grant turn their attention exclusively to The Muppets, Disney's all-new family comedy based on Jim Henson's popular puppet entertainers. This is the first Muppet movie since 1999, and has been seen by many to be the franchise's last-ditch attempt to save itself from oblivion.

Did they succeed? Did they make a movie comedy to equal The Muppet Movie or The Great Muppet Caper? Or maybe just The Muppet Christmas Carol? Or at the very least A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie? Tune in to find out.

Finally, as a special extra tacked randomly onto the end, Grant reviews the very old adventure film Captain from Castille, starring everyone's favourite half-forgotten matinee idol Tyrone Power.

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sherlock.jpgThis episode, the Bad Film Diaries head off to the local multiplex to catch three recent releases.

First up, we discuss Brett Ratner's heist comedy Tower Heist, starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. Then we move onto Steven Spielberg's motion-captured animation The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Finally we chat about what was one of our most eagerly anticipated sequels of the past 12 months: Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Hope you enjoy the episode! Feedback can either go on this website (below), or can be e-mailed to

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homealone.jpgIt's the end of the year, and Bad Film Diaries celebrates the holiday season with a special look at three Christmas-themed and set movies: Chris Columbus' Home Alone, Danny Boyle's Millions and Joe Dante's Gremlins. We hope you enjoy it!

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Episode 20 of the Bad Film Diaries sees Grant and Sonia experiment with a change of format, discussing news, box office and two very different movie trailers to two very similar movies: Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. Don't panic: normal reviews will return in Episode 21 - we just wanted to get this bit out before the news was out of date.

First up: the trailer to Snow White and the Huntsman.

Next: the trailer to Mirror Mirror.

Finally: the trailer to Top Cat; yes, that Top Cat, made for South and Central America. Who knew?

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In this 19th episode of the Bad Film Diaries, I sit down with Sonia Marcon to discuss films about exorcists and exorcisms, including The Exorcist, The Exorcist II, The Exorcist III: Legion, Exorcist: The Beginning, Dominion, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Stigmata and The Last Exorcism. Sit back, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, light some scented candles, let the power of Christ compel you, and don't vomit onto too many priests.

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In Episode 18, I talk about Duncan Jones' science fiction drama Moon, Michael Bay's big-budget science fiction sequel Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and in between I do a quick review of Julio Medem's intimate Spanish character drama Room in Rome. I hope you enjoy it.

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